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hard bags

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  1. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Must fit 03 1800R. Prefer large. Open to options. Whatcha got? Thanks!
  2. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Looking for feedback on Tsukayu hardbags for the 1300C. Thanks.
  3. 1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Leatherlyke bags for 1800c I have Leatherlyke hard studded saddlebags with conchos and mounting bolts from my 2004 1800c. Are in nice shape. I put a set of HD streetglide bags on and need room in the garage...make me an offer I can't refuse... pics to come....these retail for $489.00 new...
  4. Introduce yourself and say hello if you like...
    Hi all, I've been riding all my life. I don't think a year has gone by where I didn't own some sort of motorcycle. Started with a Cushman Eagle when I was 14 years old. I've been building fiberglass products most of my life. Have been building saddlebags for 10 years. Before that it was boats...
  5. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Wanted to post a couple pics of the wifes bags that I got mounted today. Next week need to get to the painter to have the bags, fender and inner fairing painted.:drunk:
  6. Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    Hey I am looking to get into some new hard bags for my 2004 VTX 1800. I would love something with a quick detach system, but am not sure if that technology exists for hard bags. I would love to get into bags for around $800 or less for the whole system (bags, hardware, and brackets) I do not...
  7. Suspension / Frame / Body
    I have been getting a lot of Questions about my bags on my bike so I will try to explain a little about them and how I modified them to fit the VTX. The Bags themselves were purchased off E-Bay for around $300. They are off from an old Harley Shovel or Pan Head. The bags are roughly, 21" long...
  8. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Over the last few months, I've added some 32L hard bags from Champion and a Memphis Batwing Fairing. Had them both painted to match my stock blue paing, and I'm real pleased with how everything turned out!
1-8 of 9 Results