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highway bar

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    In Search for highway bar. I have a 05 VTX 1300s model.
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    Hey folks, I just bought the Cobra highway bar and installed yesterday for VTX 1300 C. I couldn't even get out of the neighborhood because the bar left almost ZERO room for my left foot to get under the control and change gears! I've done so much research over the past 24hrs to look for...
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    I bought a set of Cobra highway bars for my 04 1300C. I bought my bike used, and the previous owner had replaced the OEM footpegs with an aftermarket set, which doesn't allow the highway bar to be properly mounted. I'm open on suggestions, either go back to OEM or of there's another aftermarket...
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    Greetings, Does anyone have suggestions for best fit/finish highway/crash bars for an '05 1800n? I've been looking at Lindby's and Cobra Fatties. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Ride on... northlandrick