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highway bars

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    All came off '07 vtx 1300s, not sure the matching on other but listed will be; Highway bars $175 windsheild with brackets $240 Stock airbox $40 Stock bars $50 also a set of buckhorn bars with a 3.5" center $40 Also have a set of motion pro cables new. $65 Price plus S&H ISO Forward controls...
  2. VTX 1300 Forward Control / Cruise Pegs / Highway Bars w-Pegs Question

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    Hello I have a 06' VTX 1300 which I installed Accutronix forward controls, love them. I'm 6'4" although the controls help with shifting, I still need a bit more leg room on those long distances for a comfortable leg stretch. Done some looking around, seems the controls now are in the way of any...
  3. Want to buy: Highway crash bars for2008 vtx 1300T

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    Looking for chrome crash bars & pegs for my 2008 VTX 1300T would need to be shipped to Winnipeg Canada Let me know if you have anything available and pictures please. Thanks Choch
  4. For Sale: Dynamic Clusters & Dynamic Ringz LED Turn Signals Radiantz 128 LED Taillight

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    (Don’t know why some words are attached to one another onpost) FOR SALE: 1. Dynamic Clusters and Dynamic Ringz LED turn signals by Custom Dynamics. The Dynamic Ringz function as driving lights with 24 very bright outer LEDs and as turn signals with 24 inner amber LEDs in one cluster. 48 LEDs in...
  5. Question Highway bars/crash bars

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    I was browsing some pics of the bikes a few days ago, and I saw some highway bars I really liked. They seemed to curve more, and did not go down as far. I'm hopingsomeone can figure out which bars I'm talking about. Because I sure would like more info as to where I could buy a set. I've not been...
  6. Want to buy: Looking for a few items for an 2004 1800C

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    Hi everyone - new to the forum, figured it would be easier to drop a line and see if anyone is looking to sell a couple items I'm looking for. I ride a 2004 1800C. Some items I'm looking for: Highway bars w/pegs (or) Highway pegs Pipes (aftermarket) Drag bars If any one has these for sale -...
  7. Question Mutazu Highway Bars

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    I just got my Mutazu Highway Bars that I bought off Ebay. Supposed to be for a 1800C. I did a search on here to see if anyone had posted about these and didn't find anything. Here's a link...
  8. Want to buy: Highway bars and or cruise pegs for my VTX 1300c

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    I'm hoping for a warm dry summer and plan on putting some miles on the bike and will need highway bars and or cruise pegs to stretch out my legs. Used bars/pegs are fine and are prefered to save money. I'm also in the market for some floorboards, any help will be appreciated! If I don't...