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  1. Houston VTX Riders???

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    Hey guys and gals, I'm in the Houston, TX area and wondering how many people here are from the Houston area or even the Katy area? Also, do you know of any good shops around the area that sell parts for the VTX. I have a hard time ordering things online without seeing them. Also, do you know...
  2. Darkside Help In Houston

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hey Everyone, I have investigated using a CT, and I think it is the best route for me to take. Money is the key object here, but I have a huge problem. I no longer have a garage of my own. I was wondering if anyone out there near Houston knows of a shop that will do this for me? I am willing to...
  3. Houston Area Riders new group

    General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    looking for riders in and around the Houston area to ride with and swap stories, etc. Sign up if interested.