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  1. Carb kit for rebuild? Needed?

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    All, So, my VTX has run like crap since I got it. Basically, the transition from idle to main jets it about as bad as it an be with all the "coughing" the engine does. Even goosing to squirt a bit of fuel from accelerator pump is not helping. Three turns out on the A/F screw makes it less...
  2. GMAX 54S Helmet Brake Kit

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    I got a GMAX 54S helmet to replace my old AGV that had just worn out. This was about a year or so ago. I bought it mainly for price, but also for the brake light kit I thought would add a little safety to my ride. For my birthday in May, I finally got the kit. After searching for examples of...
  3. Factory Jet Kit Install

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    Sooo... Here we go again. I just installed the jet kit on the 1300 s, she was backfiring a bit at after the new engine installation. So i changed the intake boots because they were leaking and it seemed to be the perfect time to rejet the carb. But here is the problem. It is dying quickly...
  4. VTX Videos DynoJet Jet Kit Install VTX 1300

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  5. Question BAK = Baron's Big Air Kit: Installation Help

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    Is there a trick to installing the cover on the newer BAK? I can get the bottom bolt threaded, but the center one is crazy hard to get started. Then assuming I finally get them both started, is there a preferred tool to screw them down with? I'm doing a rejet and adding the BAK, but can't...