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  1. Question How long should I keep the 1800?

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    I'm coming up on 40K miles on my '06 N, and I put about 12K/yr on it. I'm thinking of trading it in at 50K, but it's still running like new. I do all the scheduled maintenance like clockwork. Is 50K too soon? How many miles do you have on your 1800? When an 1800 starts to reach it's end of...
  2. For Sale: Willie & Max Compact Saddle Bags Black/White

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    Willie and Max Semi-Custom Color (White) Compact Slant Saddlebags These bags are made of black synthetic leather with custom white insert, and 3 braid braided edges. Popular slant configuration, plastic reinforced for shape retention. Size: 12" wide, 9½" high, 5½" deep They include QUICK...
  3. How much power draw?

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    I have a 2004 VTX 1300C which I just bought used. I already hooked up the connection for my electric clothing heater to the battery, and am about to hook up a 12V "cigarette lighter' socket. I actually have 2 sockets and want to know how much I can hook up to the battery before I cause a...