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    I bought this new, never used it, sold the fairing and the bike separately, paid $160 now trying to just get rid of it, will take $100 OBO. The package is open, I would have to go all the way to Daytona to even try to return this and not sure if they would take it without a receipt, my laziness...
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    There are so many cameras’ out there. Really hard to choose. We have done some comparisons and gotten a lot of feedback over the years. Put together some details and specifics on some of the most popular ones and thought I would share them. GoPro gets lots of attention, but there are some other...
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    do i need to change out the triple trees if i want to add 4" fork extensions and if i do a straight post 8" riser and a straight or slight V-bar handle bar. i'm working on getting my bike to fit me im 6'8" 230 any suggestions are also appreciated