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  1. Keryakyn Hyper charger and wild thing fuel controller problems

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    I added the hyper charger and wild thing fuel controller to my 2003 VTX 1800 R and lost MPG and top end speed. I had it dynoed and the guy said he could not get anything to stay constant it was either to rich or too lean. I spent countless hours with tech. support and I have never been able to...
  2. End of season comparison, average MPG and PC3 Map (if applicable) did you use

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    :choppersm I got around 30-34 with Map M109-015 (its a CA map but works the best with my bike) with some Minor changes. A litlle hard on the take off but its flat and straight in ohio. We only make hard turns at stop signs. It gives me more reasons to head to the dragon and Gatlinburg.
  3. 23 MPG in city vtx1800 fuel injected

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    i don't know why some people tell how many miles they can go from fill up until the low fuel warning light comes on. we don't know how many gallons were consumed. i've calculated 23 MPG using 87 octane, travelling 300 miles in stop and go traffic. three times each i bought 4.1 gallons and...