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mustang seat

  1. For Sale: Mustand Wide Touring Seats for 1300 R, S, or T

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    I have a set of driver and passenger Wide Touring Mustang Seats from my 2007 VTX 1300R. I believe they fit the R, S, and T. They will not fit the C. The seats look brand new with no blemishes. Asking $325 shipped. PM me if interested.
  2. Want to buy: Aftermarket Seat for my 1300c

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    Is anyone selling a mustang or Corbin rider&passenger seat? Let me know... [email protected]
  3. Want to buy: Mustang seat with drivers backrest 1800F

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    I have a Corbin young guns seat, and the factory seat. But I'd rather have a mustang seat with drivers backrest, anyone have one for sale or trade?
  4. For Sale: 1800N Mustang Seat 2-Piece Vintage Wide Touring w/Backrest - $300 Cash

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    SOLD! Will try to remove this post but it's not real clear how to delete a post. Grrrrr!!
  5. Question Passenger Backrest for 1800N with Corbrin Beetle Bags

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    I have a '06 1800N that came with Corbin hard Beetle bags and a Mustang (brand) driver's seat, passenger seat and driver backrest. I don't want to scrap the entire seat and start over, but does anyone know of a decent looking rear seat and passenger backrest system, preferably...
  6. Before and after

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    Quincy Quan Bags, New paint (still need to cut and buff but is OK until after Bikes Blueas and BBQ) New backrest pad for the wife. Lovin' the X more everytime I ride it.
  7. For Sale: Mustang seat part number 79341

    1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Wide Touring Two-Piece Vintage Seat with Driver Backrest mustang part number 79341 - Honda VTX 1800 retro. Brand new in box never used. asking $450.00 plus shipping OBO
  8. Mustang seat fit

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Has anyone else had any trouble getting their mustang seat to fit? The mounting brackets seem to be about 1/2" too wide. The guys at mustang say I have to stand on my head and recite the Swahili alphabet backwards to get it to fit. Has anyone else had this issue?