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  1. PAIR Removal Oddities

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    So I did the PAIR removal tonight. And stumbled across an oddity that has me seeking answers.... My bike has a Kuryakyn Pro-R Hypercharger installed by previous owner, not me. When I removed the PAIR lines, I realized that the tube that should go to the airbox was capped off close to the end...
  2. Back fire just started

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    2nd owner (had it for 2 months), 12k, dragster pipes with no baffles, did Scars method and put in Glen's permanate A/F screw. Bike came with dragster pipes, ran poorly but no back firing. Did Scar's method: no shim, 3rd groove, nipped off 1/2 of the tit. Turned Glen's A/F screw out 2-5/8...
  3. Question Pair Valve/Decel Popping Help Please!

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    Hi, So I have a 1300 with a stock intake and cobra speedster longs. I am getting really bad backfires on decel. I put in a jet kit which helped with performace a lot but only a little with the backfires. Heard about this pair valve removal. Wanting to try it. Someone told be before I do it to...