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    Here's the Craigslist link to my ad. As mentioned in the ad, has PCIII, Mustang seats, and some additional extras.
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    I bought a PCiii USB for my 2003 VTX 1800C off The Café. It has the connection wiring harness plus what is obviously a black ground wire, a red (positive?) wire, and a gray wire. I assumed the black and red were for hooking directly to the battery and the gray was a remote or control wire (eg...
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    Hey everyone hopefully somebody can help me. Baught Bub rinehart staggered exhaust got a great deal they fit my f model fine even though they say "c" model. I also baught the PCIII i found the map for the "c" model with those pipes and also a thunder air box. My question is do i need that air...
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    This fits 2002-2004 vtx 1800 I sold my 2003 vtx and bought an '08 F , but this won't work. I will trade for one that will work for my bike or I will sell for $235. I got it for christmas last year and sold my bike in march. It only had a few months of use. I still have the box and everything....