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  1. Dies when revving

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    Hey guys! So, I came out of work a few days ago to a shattered mirror. I thought someone bumped it as the bike was still upright when I got to it. I rode home and it was running horribly. Stuttering and stalling every stop. I had battery issues a few weeks prior, so I wondered if that was...
  2. Urgent Help VTX 1300 vacuum hose & petcock issue

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I'm new to this forum and really a novice at working on my bike so please bare with me if this question sounds dumb. I started out with what I think is a petcock problem on my bike. Out of the blue it just seemed I couldn't get gas to the carb. I found the tiny screen in the fuel line at the...
  3. Question Gas Issues ??

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    2005 VTX 1300 The last threes trip out on the bike it would quit ,I would pull over and it would start back up. But the other day 50 miles out it died like it was running out of gas . Pulled over and it tried to start. I pulled the vacuum tube on the right side of the petcock and had gas drip...
  4. Question '07 VTX 1300 Petcock Recall

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hello, all -- I've owned my 1300C for 5 years and overall really like the bike. I haven't had any major problems -- very solid and reliable. Recently it started dripping gas from the fuel switch which I learned was part of a recall for my make and model year. I was disappointed to learn that my...
  5. fuel issues (leak)

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hey guys, About a month ago i purchased a 2006 vtx 1300 from a co-worker I noticed when he sold it to me that the petcock was sort of wet (gasoline) and that there was a small drip of gasoline forming on the choke. Today i was riding into work and the bike started sputtering. I instantly went...
  6. Petcock failure and chrome question

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Gents, Good day to you all. Two items today!!! 1) Seeking anyone's advice on the pet cock repair or replacement for my 05 1300C. The pet cock started leaking all over the place. I took it off and it appeared to be leaking from the gland nut that fastens it to the tank threads but I am not...
  7. Question I need some ideas

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    :banghead:I bought a 06 1300c with about 5000 miles looks stock to me except Cobra Speedster Slashdowns. The last two mornings when I start it. It would run about 30 seconds and quit. It wasn't getting any fuel to the carb until i took the fuel line off the petcock and crank her over fuel came...
  8. 2005 1300 fuel leak from fuel valve / petcock

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi All, I am looking for some help on a fuel leak issue. I have an '05 1300R and have a leak from the fuel valve/petcock. I pulled the tank and tried to tighten the 4 phillips head screws on the back plate but since doing that it got a lot worse! I called the local dealer and was quoted a price...