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    What do you think?​ ------>Photo Link Here<------
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    I bought a Mothers mini ball to work on my rims, which gives just the right amount of reach on my R's solid wheels, but I wasn't sure about how to get around the disc brake. I would expect that it's not good to get any sort of polish/cleaner on the disc. So, how do you guys recommend getting...
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    :choppersmDo any of my fellow southeastern tennessee vtx-ers know of a good aluminum wheel polishing shop in or near chattanooga? I have some stains that I cant get out (darned cat!) and since im ready to change the tires, i figure i'll go ahead and professionally polish them and then clear...
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    I recently attended a motorcycle show where a polish called "Flitz" was being sold. After getting home and taking a deep breath, I went to my stock aluminum retro rims. After about 25 mins with a cordless drill and the flitz attachment, the rims looked damn near chromed. The kit came with the...