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    Hi Y'all, I raked out my 1800F with an 8 Degree Raked Tripple Tree and installed 21" front Wheel with 10.5" shocks in the rear and when i get her over 80 MPH it will wobble like Bernie in the movie Weekend at Bernies. I have had 4" extensions in it and i removed them to see if that will help...
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    Just ran across this web page which I thought y'all might like to read. I'm researching the building of a chopper from an 1800 I picked up for a good price. This part of the research is to help me figure out what I want to do with the front-end.
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    I keep thinking I have got the bike finished and I remember one more thing I need to do to it. So here it is with it's newest addition the front fender. I am still planning on getting some front turn signals than blend in better. I also need to do some cleaning up with the wiring since it is...