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rear carrier

  1. For Sale: Used Hondaline Chrome Rear Carrier

    1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    Hondaline Chrome Rear Carrier (Neo Retro) Part #HL-08L42-MCV-100B. Pics are avail in my album or I can email them to you. Sold the Retro and getting rid of all her parts. Thanks, Markus
  2. Looking for luggage rack

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    I'm putting an "N" fender on my 1300 and am looking for a luggage rack for the rear to attach a trunk. Everything I've seen has to be attached to a backrest. I've got a solo seat hence no backrest and dont want to attach it to the fender. Any advice? Gerry:banghead:
  3. For Sale: Backrest, Hardware, Bracket, Luggage Rack and Backrest Trim

    1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    I'm stripping my 05 VTX 1800 Neo Retro for paint and have removed the following used items 1 - Chrome Rear Carrier, Part # 08L432-MCV-100B NEW - $190.95 2 - Backrest Bracket, Part # 08F75-MCV-100F NEW - $137.00 3 - Tall Backrest, Part # 08F75-MCV-100J NEW - $253.95 4 - Chrome Backrest Trim...