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  1. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi, Recently on my 1300 I replaced the air filter with a K&N, Switched the pipes with V&H Big Shots, i also re-jetted the bike with recommended kit. The bike seems to run fine except when in gear and going above 1/2 throttle. it still has momentum, not acceleration and really boggy. In the...
  2. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I bought a 2007 honda vtx 1300c. it has cobra exhaust. since i bought the bike it has been backfiring after i let off of the throttle from cruising. also i am getting ready to install an air intake spike and was wondering what jet kit to use. thank you in advance for the help. Derrick
  3. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    got my 07 1300C about 2 months ago with only 4600 miles on it, so it wasn't ridden much to begin with and I'm sure it sat for a while before I got it. A little carb/fuel injector cleaner went a long way in getting it to run better right away. I decided it was to quiet with the stock setup, so...
  4. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hello, I have done a few mods to my VTX 1300 s.. I have added Cobra Longshots, An K&N Filter and I jeted the carb. I set the Needle to a 4 and the A/F to 3 1/2. I caped off the pair valve at the air box. The bike runs great but I have a high idle. It gets a little higher as I ride and the bike...
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1-5 of 5 Results