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  1. Leather-lyke Saddle Bag Cracks

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    Greetings X-ers! I have an '06 1800R with 20K+ miles and Leather-lyke hard saddle bags. I love the size and styling of the bags, and the locking system. The bags have a 12 pound limit. My bike is kept in the garage. I have noticed cracks in the plastic adjacent to the mounting bolts of the...
  2. For Sale: Quick Release Edge Brackets. $135 shipped.

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    Willie and Max Saddle bags with Quick Release Edge Brackets. $200 shipped. Quick release Edge Brackets: Brand new. New in the box. Use without backrest. Officially it fits 2003 to 2008 Kawasaki VN1600A Vulcan Classic. Edge part number: 5963. Adjustable to fit fender struts from 3-1/2" to...
  3. Saddlebag Recommendations?

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    Still new to the site, and I tried posting this earlier, but I don't think that worked... Anyway, I'm looking for some recommendations for Saddlebags. I'm currently looking at Saddlemen, Mutazu, and Tsukayu. Are there any special fitments considerations that I need to look at? I have a 06...