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    Folks, I'm seeing numerous posts about VTX1300's have a known issue with steering wobble around 40 to 45 mph while decelerating. What is your experience with this?
  2. *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    My 2007 VTX1300R engine has been dying intermittently at highway speed, and sometimes will not start. All electrical seems to function: the starter motor cranks without trouble but the engine does not catch. The problem happens very irregularly: about 8-10 times in 3 months. I have replaced...
  3. Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I have known my rear tire tread was getting low for a while now, but that didn't stop me from taking on a 400 mile trip last weekend. Instead of honestly inspecting my tire before the trip, I didn't even check. I took off blindly, excited for a good time and just hoping for the best. Darwinism...
  4. Safety From The Rear

    Red LED's on the rear fender of the VTX1800R is a nice safety feature.
  5. General VTX/Motorcycle Topics
    I'm wondering if anyone has looked into making their own Kevlar lined jeans? A recent post of an accident by a fellow cafe member got me thinking about more protective clothing instead of shiny stuff. :icon_nerv Spending $100+ or even $70 seems a little excessive for what these things are...
1-5 of 5 Results