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  1. MS Fats to Batwing pics

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    I recently went from a Memphis Shades Fats 19" to a Batwing with a 9" screen. It really changes the look. I finally took some pics of the bike with the Batwing in similar angles as some older pics with the Fats. Just wanted to share, in case anyone wonders what a 1300C looks like with a Batwing...
  2. For Sale: 02 1800 C OEM Windshield Complete

    1800 Parts /Accessories For Sale
    I have a complete Honda OE windshield with fork brackets for sale, the lexan has some scratches along the right side where I got too close to the fence one day, one too many beers. Also has some normal wear and tear scuffs and scratches but I used it up until a month ago. It looks decent but not...