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shifter issues

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    My shift seal started leaking after riding in cool weather (below 20F). It happened to me at about 20k miles but I was able to have it fixed under warranty then. Has anyone else experience this issue and have any pointers on changing out the shift seal on the transmission? My warranty expired...
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    If this has been addressed elsewhere, I apologize in advance... I couldn't find it. '07 1800R, 9300 miles, Shifter seems to not want to "spring/bounce back up" after downshifting. I'm not sure how to describe it other than feels bottomed out. I have to fiddle with it by upshifting...
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    My 2008 1800t wont spring back to select next gear!!! its like something is broken in tranny!!! anyone else have this problem
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    I want to put a r model heel-toe on my c model. Honda tells me ill need the linkage rod that goes from the shifter to the tranny because theyre different part numbers, so must be different lengths. but from most posts it seems that may not be true. im getting mixed feelings whether i should buy...