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  1. HELP!!!! VTX1800 running sluggish and burning a lot of fuel

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    I am in need of the VTX Cafe experts help here because I am out of ideas and I'm not a professional mechanic (but if given a general direction I can fix anything). I have been trying to sell my bike for awhile now and haven't gotten any good hits so I've decided to hold onto it. I filled it up...
  2. Problem Solved Running sluggish

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I had my bike running good but smelled rich. I read so much about SCAR Mod that I had to do it. Man it ran like a scolded dog. It overheated a few times before I put it up for winter. Broke it out a few months ago and topped off levels. Running sluggish for some reason. It never sat more than a...
  3. Urgent Help Need some help and advise

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    First off, I can't believe the knowledge and info that is on this site. I can't believe all the VTX people out there. I thought that Harley guys were the only proud bikers out there. Now, I realize VTX people are just as proud. I thought we lived in the shadows of Harley's. This site has me...