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  1. Cobra speedster longs

    Hey everyone I just added the speedster longs to my 2004 X and now I'm experiencing backfiring. Can anyone suggest how to adjust the air/fuel mixture? Location of screw to adjust and which direction to turn? Thanks in advance. By the way they sound amazing!
  2. Question Help with Cobra Speedster Install

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    Is there a trick to getting the front bottom acorn nut tightened properly? I'm guessing a crows foot wrench might work, but any way to be sure I have it torqued properly?
  3. Want to buy: Wanted Cobra or V&H exhaust for 2004 VTX1300

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    I am looking for a set of either Cobra or V&H exhaust for 2004 VTX1300. I prefer the V&H bighshots or long shots or the cobra Speedster series I have seen them new for $450 with free shipping. I am looking for a better deal or a set of used ones. I want to get them before summer. Send me a...