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starter switch

  1. Start Switch Repair.

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    The start switch on my 1800F wasn't working properly. I had issues with the headlamp staying on (I would have to wiggle the piss out of the start switch to keep it on) and sometimes the bike wouldn't start easy when I pushed the button. I found an easy fix that anyone with a #2 Philips and a...
  2. Starter Switch Death in Ohio

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I went on my summer rideabout this year and had a small breakdown in Ohio. I had stopped for lunch in some small burg in the far north and west of that state, and when I got back on my bike, it wouldn't start. When I pressed the starter button, my headlight would dim, and nothing else...
  3. Urgent Help starter switch assembly

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Y'all have always been able to help me in the past, and today I have a new problem for y'all to tackle. My starter switch has bit the dirt and I need a new one. I was able to hot wire the bike and get it home (no headlight) and remove the starter switch assembly just to find that it had melted...