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  1. starter-->relay-->switch-->torque limiter-->?

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    2004 VTX1300c 40k miles in South Florida My current question (the rest of this post may not be necessary to read): How does one diagnose a bad torque limiter? The problem: I had ridden about 45 miles and stopped for gas. I tried to start the bike back up. I thought I could hear the starter...
  2. Starting Problems

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    2005 VTX1300R problems starting. Very temperamental bike. Does not like cold starts at all. Always have to choke pulled all the way out and leave it out for 5 minutes or it will quit. Started yesterday with choke pulled out all the way and then quit after 10 seconds and now won't start at all.
  3. Question Electrical start!

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    Hi there, Had my 1300C out for a weekend ride, all was well. Just when I came back to put her in the garage I put her in gear with the stand still down (doh!!!) and it cut out as it should. However, I cannot get her started again. Initially, not even the console lights came on. However, after...