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  1. How to accurately set your idle speed to 900 rpm, without a tach!

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    Now that I know how to post a video - as a public service announcement - I'd like to post Gonzo1970's YouTube video for the purpose of 'comparison-setting' your idle speed to proper 900 rpm, if you don't have a tachometer. Just play the video/audio on your phone, tablet, or laptop and adjust...
  2. For Sale: One handlebar riser to mount tachometer or gauge.

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    One handlebar riser to mount tachometer or gauge. $20.00 shipped. Stock. Very good to excellent condition. Road Star Warrior PN's: 5PX-23442-00-00 (lower); 4NK-23441-00-00 (upper). See 13 and 16. Click here to see microfiche. Fits 1" handle bar diameter. Check out my set up...
  3. Tachometer for $50 (with pictures).

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    I did this on my Shadow. Used the same method on my VTX. The tach is made by Equus (PN 6086). I bought it at the local auto parts store (O'Reilly) for $30. The mount is a standard 1" handlebar riser. I got a pair off E-bay for $17. Fabricate a "Y" using 16 gauge stranded wire, male and...