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tank bib

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    I've been looking for a new tank bib to replace the crappy one that keeps curling up on me, and came across this one on an 1800S sitting at the dealership the other day. Couldn't find any id marks on it and I can't find a match online to save my life, anybody have any idea on the manufacturer...
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    I was going back and forth with which Tank Bib to get, (Hopnel, Chillowee, etc) and I finally decided to go all in with the Whaletail Bib by Three Mutts Customs. I wanted something to protect the tank against the crotch area and I loved the unique look of his product and tooling designs. Chris...
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    I want to put on a tank bib. Nothing fancy. I've seen a few that uses double-back tape - yuk. Most are mounted on each end of the tank and under the console. Is that a good idea? Do they fit well?