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  1. Help with LED turn signals!

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    Hello! So as you can tell, I need some help with my LED turn signals. I bought some plug n play LED turn signals for the front and rear of my bike, and its all gravy, but of course they don't work like they should. They either ALL stay on or if you switch to like the left turn signal, it may...
  2. Please help!!! Turn signal wiring question

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    First post! FYI I didn't search so if someone knows where a link for this problem is please just drop it below. Alright everyone, my VTX has had the sticky turn signal problem since I got it over a year ago. About 2 weeks ago I ordered a replacement turn signal switch and finally tried to put...
  3. Question VTX1800N Turn Signal Mod

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    Looking for cheap solutions to make the turn signal profile narrower so that I can install hard, patrol style HD saddlebags. The Neo has a large hole in the fender for the turn signal and I can't find any aftermarket turn signals to fit the hole. Has anyone used plastic or rubber grommets in the...
  4. Want to buy: 1800N Left Rear Turn Signal

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    Came out form work last week and found my turn signal hanging a little low. The rubber is breaking apart and would like to replace before it completely falls off. If anyone has one, I'd be interested.
  5. HELP.....Shorted out signal, now it's dead.

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    I know there are tons of threads similar to this but I have read them so as not to post a repeat and non of them directly apply. I have a 2006 VTX1800N. I layed it down in a wreck and had a honda dealer fix it. The rear fender was damaged so when they fixed it I had them remove the license...
  6. Headlight/Turn Signal Mod -- Anyone seen this?

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    OK, so I'm relatively new to VTX's, got mine about a month ago and have been loving it and this forum as well. My bike is an 03 1800 C, and it came to me with quite a few mods already -- lots of chrome, pipes, seat, etc... One mod in particular that stands out to me, is the front headlight/turn...
  7. Question Rear Turn Signals with Sissy Bar

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    Hey all! Just picked up my VTX1800c (see attached) yesterday, and I *LOVE* it. What a ride, for such a great price! Here's my question... Prior to purchase, I ordered this sissy bar for it...
  8. Question Replacement part for turn signal

    Honda VTX 1800 Forums
    The amber lens on my right front turn signal fell off - 2003 1800s - it's broken. Where do I buy a new amber lens and what part do I need? I found K&S 25-1250- on Amazon - is that the correct part? :hmm2:
  9. Which light bar

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    Ok, I'm trying to decide on what light bar to get. I want it to be seen more than anything but of ores want a good look to. I'm looking for suggestions on types and brands. I've seen em at bike bandit for around $250 and on eBay for as little as $40. Any help or discussion will be appreciated...
  10. Newbie - 2007 1300 R

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    Greetings Folks: new to forum, but have had bike since new in 2008. Had a senior moment last week and dumped bike. Only casulaty (other than my left ankle) was the turn signal. Have new one to replaced cracked case and was looking for directions for taking the old off. I downloaded the...
  11. Question Rear turn signal removal for 07 VTX Retro

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I want to remove my rear turn signals. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cover the remaining holes on the stock rear fender? Other than body work and paint or fender replacement.
  12. Turn Signals Stopped Flashing

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    Ok, so this problem is not as urgent as some of the problems on this page, but... I have a clear alternatives brake/turn signal setup in the back with the load eq. for slower blink rate. Stock turn signals in the front. I have run the system this way for a couple of years with no problems...