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valve adjustment

  1. Question Valves

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    So I have recently been experiencing problems with my motorcycle. General description: the bike bogs and backfires (out of the carburetor) when too much throttle is given within a short amount of time... My father and I have ruled out the carburetor, A/F mixture screw, plugs, plug wires...
  2. Question How to tell if valves are loose...without tearing the bike apart?

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    Title says it all. My engine sounds OK (sewing machine), but it seems like the pipes sound different (more metalic?). I've checked my pipes (bub's), and it seems like everything is tight, and there isn't any junk in the either of them. I only rode about 500 miles last year after doing the...
  3. Valve Adjustment: Valve Sticking??

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    2005 VTX 1300R HISTORY: I bought it with 19k miles. It now has 39k miles and this is the first valve adjustment I do on it. I don't know if they've ever been adjusted. I read some other threads looking for an answer and read someone ask about what kind of oil was being used. I don't buy...
  4. Question Just curious

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    I was wondering if $350.00 is too much from a reputable shop for a valve adjustment, oil change, spark plugs changed and carb adjusted? I am fairly mechanical but just don't have the time to do it. It doesn't sound that bad to me. 07 vtx 1300c just over 8k miles its time for the recommended...
  5. Question 1300R Runs Lean After Valve Adjustment

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    Hello all. I was hoping someone might have some insight on this issue. I recently adjusted the valve clearances on my VTX 1300R. Before I did this the bike was running properly. After I adjusted the valves to the proper clearances, I fired it up and found that it was stuttering on...
  6. Question Engine sound after valve adjustment

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    Someone help me cure my paranoia!! I did my own valve adjustment (16K mile), not once, but 3 times in the last 2 months!!! I can hear faint clicking not only during idle, but while riding (sounds like a loose bolt rattling). Even after 2 more checks, the valves seem to be correctly adjusted. I...