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  1. 2005 VTX 1300 R5

  2. Going on a very very long ride. What should I check/change on the bike before I go?

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    Hey guys! Im blessed enough to be going on a cross country trip very soon on my VTX1300. I have 20,250 miles. I so far have put on new tires , Pirelli route66 , Changed the oil and oil filter , air filter , I have final drive oil on the way oil the mail. Has anyone taken a similar ride ? Is...
  3. IMG_1452 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_1452 - Copy.JPG

    2005 Honda VTX1300R with windscreen, Custom World drivers backrest and viking bags
  4. IMG_1451 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_1451 - Copy.JPG

    2005 Honda VTX1300R with windscreen, Custom World drivers backrest and viking bags.
  5. Bike will crank but not turn over

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    So my bike used to start without any issue like it should and here recently for the past several months it’ll either start and idle very low and then die and not start again, or it’ll crank but won’t turn over. Sometimes it starts just fine without trouble. I’ve changed the fuel filter, cleaned...
  6. Help needed ! Which Kurakyn grip to get (dual throttle or electronic throttle) ?

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hey! After my Ninja 650 was stolen 3 months ago, I've felt down for some time. Tough, I finally decided to quit weeping and try something new. Did some research and got me a 2004 VTX 1300. Never had a carburated bike before so I had some fun reading up about it and played around with the choke...
  7. Convert VTX 1300 speedometer

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Has anyone tried to convert the VTX1300 speedometer to the digital that is on the VTX1800F? I am wanting a digital speedometer and I can't find a direct replacement to go with the original speedo cover. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  8. 2006 VTX 1300 Engine Issues

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi All, In the process of picking up a 2006 VTX 1300 R6 with about 7k miles. Bike has a problem and not sure what could it be. Due to non-use and ethanol fuel, had problem starting it. Finally on the third start, noticed blue smoke and oil splatters came out of the exhaust pipes. Just shut it...
  9. Brake light not working right

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Ok guys I took the tail fender off to change my turn signals to LEDs, the only thing I did to the brake light was unplugged the three wires. After I got everything back together the brake light comes on but doesn't get any brighter when I press the hand brake nor the foot brake. I've changed the...
  10. Rear exhaust overheating/coloration

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I just bought an 05 vtx 1300. Had 3400 miles when i bought it. Whoever owned it before me had put cobra exhaust pipes on it and a kuryakyn supercharger air cleaner kit. It appears to have been jetted already also. For some reason though the rear exhaust is getting way hotter than normal and has...
  11. Honda VTX 1300 Straight pipes with Scar Mod

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hi Guys i am new to this Forum and need some Advice...i have added Straight pipes and done the Scar Mod with 2 washers and 2.5 turns out on the AF screw...anything else needs to be done? The Airbox is stock with no Decap. Stock filter...the bike is a 07 VTX 1300.
  12. Question VTX 1300 Carb Issues

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Hello All, I own a 2006 VTX 1300C and recently decided to pull her out as the weather is finally warming up in southern Indiana. Upon starting, the bike kept wanting to die, so I made the "mistake" of pulling the choke out to keep it running. After letting it idle for a bit, I decided to put...
  13. Question Questions about 2009 VTX before I buy

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I'm new to this forum, considering a 2009 VTX 1300T. I sold my HD Dyna. But I'm concerned that the VTX has carborators instead of fuel injectors. Are the carbs troublesome? Unreliable? Difficult with cold weather starts? Is there an upgrade from these 9 year old carbs? Is an upgrade even...
  14. Question 2004 VTX 1300 sputtering when I'm on the throttle

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    Several guys on here have been a huge help in the past when I had issues with my 2004 Honda VTX so I'm back for more help. My VTX is always hard to get warmed up, especially in the cooler weather, but lately I have been having more than the normal warming up issues. Over a year ago I had the...
  15. My Vtx 1300 White New Custom Ready ..

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    Ty follow my videos ..
  16. New Tires

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    Hello Everyone; I have had my VTX1300 now for & years and I want to put on a better tire then the original Dunlop tires any suggestions?
  17. Motor dies while driving. Sometimes won't start.

    *** The Shop ~ I NEED URGENT MOTORCYCLE HELP!! ***
    My 2007 VTX1300R engine has been dying intermittently at highway speed, and sometimes will not start. All electrical seems to function: the starter motor cranks without trouble but the engine does not catch. The problem happens very irregularly: about 8-10 times in 3 months. I have replaced...
  18. Question VTX 1300 Clayton Modification?

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I was considering doing a Clayton Mod to my 2007 VTX 1300 with 18,000 miles and a friend of mine that works on Harleys and Metrics said that it could cause problems in the Top End of Motor. Can the Clayton Mod cause this problem? Or has anyone had any issues when modifying the stack exhaust?
  19. Question Need Help! VTX1300C Carb/fuel/Air issue?

    Honda VTX 1300 Forums
    I have a 08 VTX 1300c with 9k on it, previous owner installed BUB Exhaust and some form of hyper charger. they look and sound great! HOWEVER each year i take it out of storage it never runs right, i have to play with the idle, replace the plugs (full of carbon!) just to get the thing to run at...
  20. VTX Parts Wanted

    Wyoming VTX Riders
    Looking for Factory VTX 1300 floor boards