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winter riding

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    Temperature was about 5 Centigrade (oops, Celcius) here in Prague yesterday, went for a ride. Outfit for cold weather, from the top down - Acrylic thick baklava - I would NEVER ever wear this in public, makes me look like I am some kind of terrorist, however on the bike, really keeps the...
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    Yes, it's me again:icon_blah New dog edition video)
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    im new to the site/forum i have a crazy vtx 1800 nothing else in the world looks like this anyway wear your sweatshirt with a hood (aka a hoodie) backwards when riding its like a built in scarf!
  4. Introduce yourself and say hello if you like...
    so heres a winter riding tip i havent seen anyone else do-put your hoodie on BACKWARDS to keep the wind out and help keep your neck warm