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Hey Bud...tried the Berryman B-12 injector cleaner but no change...I am convinced it is or whatever when it gets hot is breaking down and causing the spitting coughing at low R.P.M. because when I drop down a gear, increasing the R.P.M's it performs as it should...not sure if a local mechanic will have the diagnostic tools to figure this one out and as much as I hate the thought, I think back to the dealer is my best bet...won't be cheap but hopefully they will find the answer...just wanted to thank you for at least "jumping in" to try and help (you were the only one!) Thanx again!
Sorry about your troubles, you may wanna ask local riders if they recommend a shop near you, all you need is 1 good mechanic it’ll restore your faith in the profession, good luck and please let us know what the problem is if you get it fixed!
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