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1300-1800 milage vs power

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After going to biketoberfest I have 100% concluded that I'm getting a VTX( isn't the right dear?)
I was wondering what you 1800 folks were pulling for gas milage?
My new bike will be for going back and forth to work ~11 miles each way, usually running 45-65mph. OH and for going to daytona twice a year:drunk:
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Nighthawk, I have a 1300C with Clayton mod pipes, K&N filter, no other mods. I drove solo to Daytona and I got 50-52 mpg highway (minimum speed 70 mph), 40-42 city. I have never gotten below 40 mpg no matter what I do. Riding 2 up on th highway I get 46 mpg. I'm also a big guy, 240 lbs.
justbugging said:
I get about 45 miles a gallon with my 1800 VTX me my self I"d do like you said maybe give it some more break in time, but I would have it checked at a later date, if it stayed the same. That 1800 sure has ALOT of power doesnt it? Good luck Eddie (Justbugging)
What type of riding do you do, and what mods have you made?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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