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1300-1800 milage vs power

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After going to biketoberfest I have 100% concluded that I'm getting a VTX( isn't the right dear?)
I was wondering what you 1800 folks were pulling for gas milage?
My new bike will be for going back and forth to work ~11 miles each way, usually running 45-65mph. OH and for going to daytona twice a year:drunk:
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nighthawk said:
I have a friend who has an 1800 and was telling me he was getting about 110 miles a tank :icon_yike :icon_cens .
The gas tank on the C is not as big as the R. I have a C and my light comes on around 110 miles. It is somewhat of a pita. Last time I calculated it, I was getting 35 mpg (110miles on the tank putting in 3.1 gals at the station)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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