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1300 Tank badges

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I have the following items I will give away just send me your address:
1300 tank badges
1300 side cover badges
Saddle bag supports (not sure of the brand but came from a 1300C).

Have a good day!
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Hard to believe that no one has not jumped on your offer. I read here all the time someone looking for the badges. Bag supports are not offered up much either. Thanks for passing on something you do not need for free. Speaks a lot about you.....
Funny thing about this thread...I have a very nice set of tank badges in the garage that I want to put BACK on my bike....But haven't been able to get another 1300 with the badges on it to sit in my yard long enough to be able to take measurements so I can get mine back on the tank in the correct
LOL said the little ones! Funny how things work out. Hope you and Jenny are having a great New Year!

I have a set of 1300 badges if anyone still needs em.

Yes Pastor Dave, no badges needed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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