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I could see them meaning the 1300 is an older design in that it is carbureted, utilizing older technology. In my opinion carbureted can be better at everything except power delivery when comparing identical engines.

I agree with vinish on mileage though. I can only get my 1300 down to about 30mpg and my 1800 has only gotten me up to 30mpg. So if you drive like a bloody psychopath everywhere on the 1300 and drive like a scared Grandma on the 1800 then maybe you'll get better fuel economy inn the 1800. Only someone truly insane would ever do that long term.
Hey PaXman11, keep in mind that on a 2003 VTX1300, that was the only year they used an electric fuel pump. I could never figure out why, especially on a bike equipped with a carburator. I get 40-45 MPG on mine depending if I am in the throttle or not.
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