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1300 VTX Bobber/Ratrod for Sale!

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2004 VTX 1300 Bobber | $3,100 obo

This thing is a beast; if you're looking for a bagger/cruiser, this isn't it. If you wanna ride something different then anybody else, have people say "THAT'S A HONDA!!???", then this is in your wheelhouse. She is not the first VTX I've tuned/built but is the most unique. Runs like a scaled dog; a tuned carb and aftermarket exhaust puts new life in these bikes. It isn't for the faint of heart; the seat is a bit hard but has a very comfortable seating position and you'll get grit in your hair from the front wheel (no fender) and God forbid it rains, you'll have a wet streak from your ass crack to your noggin...

So far I have:
  • Removed the engine, painted it black with commercial grade stove paint from a local stove manufacturer, then reinstalled the engine.
  • Designed and fabbed my own seat with old bobber taillight attached.
  • Run/Turn/Brake LED lights with controller.
  • Progressive Suspension on front, bike is lowered a couple inches.
  • Cobra Drag pipes, powdered-coated black.
  • Painted brake calipers red.
  • Spoked wheels from an S on a C bike.
  • Side covers and engine covers are all painted black.
  • Stock airbox (appearance only). It has K&N filter and has been opened up to breath more.
  • Pair Valve has been removed and block-off plates installed.
  • Carb has been SCAR-modded, tuned, emulsion tube drilled out, etc.
  • Painted rear diff. black.

  • Bike is mechanically sound and ready to roll. I used it for commute to work last summer.
  • Front tire will need to be replaced soon.
  • Tank has a dent from the previous owner. It also has shark teeth painted on it from the previous owner. I just left it all so it looks more like a ratrod.
  • Left mirror mount is busted; I left it because I like the single mirror look so I left it.

Things that come with the bike:
  • Yellow spark plug wires for a little "pop"; I was planning to remove the plastic engine covers to expose plug wires.
  • Stock front and rear fenders to return bike to stock.
  • Ultimate X aftermarket seat, rider & passenger.
  • Clear SC title in hand.
  • Trickle charger.
  • Stock rear turn signals to go with stock fender.

Customizations left to do, you put your touch on it!
  • Replace stock front turn signals; they work fine but should be replaced with something to better match the styling.
  • Replace stock handlebars; I bought them used and they have a slight tweak. It needs a set of drag bars or something. I wasn't sure which styling I wanted to go after so I've left them.
  • It really needs a set of Stainless Steel braided brake lines off the handlebars and the wiring to be integrated into the handle bars.

Bike is located in 29620, South Carolina. Price is as-is at my place, I can deliver for an additional fee.

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