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Hey VTX Peeps,

I have (2) stock VTX Seats, that came off a 2004 & a 2006, 1300 VTX C, would like to sell for $50 bucks each.

Also have a set of Stock Pipes that came off the 2004, as they were replaced w/after markets, also would like to sell for $50 bucks.

Pls note that i'm not a parts seller & kinda new to this forum, and would also be willing to trade for a Solo Seat that would fit the VTX C 2004, and/or a Headlight for the same bike....

thanx for viewing & considering- woodie

*UPDATE* = = = just marked down price of items, upon advice of other mbrs...


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I have two piece seats on a 2004 S I might trade for one of yer seats. Trying to find OT is all parts are interchangeable between the S, R, C, and T.
R/S/T same.
C different fender = different seats.
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