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Put new seals and a slow jet into the carb. Reinstalled carb, and the motor ran great. Later on that evening I cranked it up again, still doing good. Next morning, engine wouldn't even turn over. Battery had 12.6 volts. Checked the diode, starter relay, & fuses. All seemed to be ok. Bought a new battery. May not have completely charged. Only had 13.0 volts. My guestimation is this. The battery IS the problem. In the process of troubleshooting the starting components, the starter enrichment valve on the carb has flooded the engine. Watcha think. Is my guestimation close ?:stirpot:

We got a member who needs some good carb related help here:

Kinda curious what caused this. You carb guys would be of better help than me.

Go here;


Your'e OK Scotrod, I don't care what the rest of em think :drunk:
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