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1300c front and rear fender

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dont care what color,as long as they are decent,can be damaged,im in pa
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I have what you are looking for from a 2006 1300C. The fenders were removed to convert the bike to a bagger. Let me know if you would like some pix. The rear fender has had the license plate & signal mount removed. The inner fender is still with it.
"Just a FYI...Your "R" seat isn't gonna fit on a "C" fender, nor will your chrome fender struts...Not trying to kill a deal here, just letting the OP know he's not done buying stuff to do the transformation..."

Yes, I can confirm this, as I am going in the reverse direction, "C" to "R". Will get images up yet tonight.
This will get you started. If you want add'l images, let me know.


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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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