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I have the complete rear wheel assembly for a vtx 1300c

they r dunlop tires wth 4000 miles on them i have the front tire as well, i will sell the tires for 35 bucks each if you want.

the rear rim and assembly would be $150

I have the rear tail light cover for 20 bucks

i have a set of grips for 10 bucks

i have the front turn signals for 20 bucks

i have the stock exhaust for 100 bucks

i have after market slip on mufflers for 100 bucks

all prices are negotiable if reasonable

I have a dyno kit for $40 bux as well

I also have many other stock VTX parts left over from my upgrades e-mail or call 904-525-7937.

-Jeff :patriot:

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still got the brake light cover? could you post photo?
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