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1300C riders: Mustang Sport Touring vs. Ultimate Midrider

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Planning to finally replace the seat on my 1300C in the next couple weeks. The wife can't take the stocker any more.

Does anyone have advice on the Ultimate Midrider vs. the Mustang Sport Touring (with rider backrest)? I'm a somewhat big guy: 6' 4" / 245 lbs.

I like the idea of the backrest, but the Mustang looks like it's going to sit a little lower than the Ultimate? Being kinda tall, I'm afraid I'm going to be a little folded up if I sit much lower. How's the back support on the Midrider? (It's not available with a rider backrest).

Thanks in advance!

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Just fyi to that last post, if you look on the Ultimate web page they offer the seat with other embroidery than the X and they also offer it plain with no embroidery. I plan to purchase one in the next month or so and I am going with plain as I hate logos of any kind. It's my bike not my advertisement. just my .02:beer:
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