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When I finished my project in Feb. converting my c into a interstate i didn't feel as if the rear brakes were working properly. I did a lot of research on this and found that is the way they are. Still concerned of how the rear brakes were working as compared to my 1300 retro. A few days ago a older lady pulled out in front of me. You know how it is when nothing is in front of you and then a cager pulls out in front of you. I hit my front brakes, still not real confortable with the rear brakes, then the rear brakes. I could not believe how it stopped. A very controlable stop I might add. I will admit i rarely use the rear brakes except in gravel etc. so I hit the front brakes hard and the front tried to wash out because the front tire had locked up. I let go of the front and reapplied the front as well as the rear together. I am now comfortable with my rear brakes. Linked brakes are great.::D :patriot:
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