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1983 Yamaha Maxim XJ750K plus Parts Bike--- $2200

After 30 years of ownership, I plan on selling my 1983 Maxim XJ750K. It is full-dress with oem Yamaha Saddlebags, Trunk and Fairing. Here it is the day I purchased it in 1987. This is the only completely equipped Maxim I've seen in person, and only 1 of 3 I've seen in pictures.

I bought it from it's original owner- a mechanic at the local Yamaha shop in Winston Salem, NC. It had just 7800 miles on it. After 30 years and 3 speedo/cluster changes, actual mileage is unknown.
About 10 years ago, (@about 75K miles)something broke inside the original transmission. The bike still ran fine, but if you accidently hit 1st gear... it was a 10 minute fight to get it back into 2nd, otherwise it still ran great!. IF I had to split the case... I would have had to rebuild everything anyway, and that would have been expensive. So, -instead- I bought a parts bike with 29K on the clock.
I switched the saddlebags, trunk and fairing... to the parts bike- obstensively for "testing" while I prepped and rebuilt the original frame. I rode it this way for a couple years. This is the part of the "project" I never found the time to do. I've ridden the bike occasionally recently to keep all the systems well lubricated, and for enjoyment, but after purchasing a VTX1300R, I just do not need two bikes.
I recently heard about the Vintage Yamaha Rally in Robbinsville, NC later this month (Sept 22-24).. and plan on riding the bike there to offer for sale. I'm listing it here should any of you want to have a chance before it is taken to the rally- or are coming to the rally.

What's included:
Original (rolling) Frame, clean title in my name, and nearly all parts. I sold the carbs to a (desperate) fellow XJBikes member about 4 years ago.... but don't recall who. The bike is "mostly" apart... but everything is saved in boxes. It has been in a storage unit for about 7 years. so it hasn't been sitting outside behind a shed. I have also collected a few extra CDI units and coils. One of the (2) sets of wheels has new wheel bearings- but I've swapped them around a few times, so don't know which.

Fully put-together and rideable bike, but not titled. To be "legal" you would have to rebuild the original frame and swap everything over. This is what the bike looks like now. Nothing has changed in the last year. The engine and most of the chrome has been blacked-out since it was showing age-crazing and minor pitting. It was not peeling or heavily pitted, and could be re-chromed easily.
This bike has Brand new Shinko 712 Front Tire, and Shinko 230 Rear Tire, with less than 100 miles on the front and 250 miles on the rear. They each have the proper amount of Ride-On tire balancing liquid. I've also replaced the fork seals and installed All-Balls stem bearings last year. New battery this spring. I also installed a new Barnett Cluch kit including springs (march 2017). New Saddleman seat cover and extra padding. I'd guess it has about 35-37K on this engine/trans.

The engine starts instantly- usually without choke- and while typically cold-natured. It will idle fine after 1 minute of warm up. I'm working on a YouTube video of the bike running, riding, details of the saddlebags, trunk, and fairing. As well as the parts bike. I hope to get that done asap.

I know I'll think of 100 other things i've done/replaced, but I think I've hit all the big items.
I have an auto-restoration shop here in NC, and would be happy to help with a rebuild or color-change if you don't like the Hunter Green.

Any questions can be directed here.........
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