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2 years riding and still don't know much

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Hello All:

I have a couple questions. I want to really get the most out of my VTX. I've been looking into the following

LED Lights for the inside of the engine area (maybe elsewhere ideas?) I've already picked out what kit I'm going to be using, seems the easiest and simple to do. (Kuryakyn Super Lizard Lights)

Speakers Handlebar mounted (getting tired of ear buds) - I was reading on here about joes hidden speakers thing. Love to hear your ideas about that, Looking for decent quality, but doesn't make me completely broke

I want to get a fairing, but not yet dont' have the cash, where should I look when I'm ready? Best one to get, decent price, do i get one with speakers and a system in it? or buy one and get one later.

Seat- I want to get a more comfortable seat with a slight back rest for my lower back, any ideas there would be great.

any other ideas for lights, LED flashers, attention grabbers for night/day driving would be awesome. Right now, when I hit my brakes, it just flashes twice with a normal bulb. Not very attention grabbing On the tail, the center is solid but the turn signals flash when I hit my brakes. That normal?

Thanks for yalls time. I love this bike, its my first. When I moved from MD to FL, i was told I should sell her to have some money, but once you just cant stop.



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I have a few blue led 12 inch strips under my bike.they are wired to be on when the key is on ,,ebay..I have a white strobe light on the front turn signal bar .its wire to come on when the lights are on bright...ebay.
welcome. i have a mustang vintage wide seat and love it.
I have the ultimate big boy seat with the backrest and its like sitting on a couch lol. You don't really sit on it, you sit in it. I have about 500 miles on it and it gets better everytime I ride.
I have the ultimate big boy seat with the backrest and its like sitting on a couch lol. You don't really sit on it, you sit in it. I have about 500 miles on it and it gets better everytime I ride.
Probably pretty expensive? How much does it run? I love riding, but after about an hour and a half or so my butt is done haha. So I'm definitely looking for comfort.
You guys know of any decent audio systems for the vtx? Probably handle bar mounted decent price and good sound?
Mustang wide touring seat and love it...

20 individual LED's, some inside the airbox, and 6 12" strips...2 under each side of gas tank, and 1 under each saddlebag...All wired into a toggle switch so I can turn them on/off whenever I want....

Now for sound systems...Myself personally, I have yet to hear a handlebar system that I would be happy with....Been playing in bands for 30 years, and VERY picky about how my music sounds...And even with the system I have in my fairing, I'm still not 100% happy and have more gear here to install on the bike when I get some parts painted after we get back from vacation....If you have plans in the future about a fairing with a real audio system, then just get what you really want the first time around..

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Bass dude is a badass. Keep telling him he needs to change his name lol
Listen to what he has to say.
But yea the LED kits are Very easy to install yourself. I got mine from and it has multiple functions via remote. I'm not at all recommending them but any kit will work if its a reputable company.
As far as seats, Ultimate or Mustang seems to be the general consensus for ultra comfort. But they are pricey. $300+
I just ordered a seat from C&C for $280 but I have yet to receive it. I was looking for stock appeal anyway so it doesn't apply. Know you want the back rest and that's what Ultimate & Mustang do best.
For sure! Without a doubt invest in the Back Off! tail light kit.
Happy riding brother!!

Coming from a fellow JD
If you know your way around a soldering iron, or think you can figure it out, you should find the thread about the homemade led kits. It's a lot cheaper and there's no limit to how many leds you can add. Learning how to use one is pretty easy if you don't know. Just youtube it, then practice.

If you're wanting a fairing, I'd say save your money on the handlebar sound system and wait. There's lots of good brands of fairings, Woody's, Extreme Revolutions, Wide Open Customs, etc. Just research the companies and figure out what you want. I love my Woody, but the mounting clamps have come to be a pita because of the recent fork issues I've had. It's no fun disassembling the fairing to remove those clamps multiple times. My system consists of a Dual XR4115 headunit, nitro 300w amp, Polk DB521 speakers, and a Sirius Onyx satellite receiver.

I too need a new seat. I'm holding out till I can afford the Ultimate 4 piece set... It's only $900 lol.
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