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The click means your start switch is good, it is sending the signal to the solenoid. The solenoids on the 1800 have a fairly high failure rate and likely that is the problem. A weak battery is often the root cause of the solenoid going bad, the lack of voltage causes the contacts to not close smartly, they bounce, arc, sometimes weld together, or make no contact at all.

The way to test everything is to short the contact terminals of the relay and see if that turns over the motor. If it does then you know the relay is bad. You hear the click so you know it is getting triggered from the start switch but the contacts are not closing, you just simulated them closing by shorting the relay output terminals.

If the starter will not turnover shorting the terminals, then the battery could be weak or not charged, the battery connections may not be tight, or very unlikely the starter could be bad.

Here is a video on a 1300 that shows all of that, only difference is location on 1800.
Ok great! I just ordered a solenoid. Hopefully this will fix my issue! Thanks everyone

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Yes, it sounds like your solenoid is bad. It should make no difference which trigger terminals on the solenoid holds the +12 v signal and which holds the ground. The electromagnet inside the solenoid will trigger with either connection arrangement. Just make sure you ONLY have one wire on each of the trigger posts of the solenoid.
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