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2004 VTX 1300 S Carburetor problems

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I'm in the Southern California Inland Empire area Riverside San Bernardino does anybody know a good independent mechanic to work on a carburetor that is no longer available from Honda motorcycles???
It's a 50-state bike California it's sat during the pandemic. I had some fuel problems when things opened up. I thought it was time to rebuild it at 21,000 miles.
Only time it's ever been to the shop or trailered to rebuild the carburetor and rejet it due to my drag pipes and KN filter.
I had to get a replacement carb online it ended up being a 49 state to have it completely rebuilt.
For some reason the thumbscrew outside the air box my adjustment was jammed on the body of my original Carb I don't know why my son had it for a while.
Rebuilt the 49 state rejetted it now it's puking fuel out the breather at the carb and filled my crankcase full of gas. it's been back to the shop 3 times they can't figure it out.
Gas tank was fully cleaned and treated
I found a new carburetor for a 2006 2007 will that work on my 2004 VTX 1300 S?
Honda powersports tech support is useless.
The dealeships have no carb specialist on their floor and just want to charge me a diagnostic fee with no recommendation.
I've had 27 Hondas since 1971 I've never had a problem like this and no support from the factory.


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Float is sticking is why it's puking gas into the air filter and crankcase... Mine has done that a couple times a few years ago...It's usually just some junk in the tank made it to the needle and seat where the fuel comes in the carb and got stuck in there not allowing it to close.....Very easy to fix....Get a piece of wood (2x4 a foot long) and a hammer...Put one end of the 2x4 against the carb and then firmly tap the other end with the hammer 2 or 3 times...Don't try to kill it, just a few firm taps.. That's usually enough to dislodge whatever is in there that has it hung open without tearing the carb apart....Worked for me both times and like I said, it hasn't happened again and this was back around 2011 I think...
Yeah I'm getting ready to tear it apart take a look I think this want to be mechanic out of reputable shop was beyond his knowledge.
Supposedly did the pair mod when he put the 49 State carburetor on it after being rebuilt I had the tank cleaned and a new petcock put in if I shop that does gas tanks.
I think he didn't disconnect all the emissions and it's putting back pressure into the pair valves.
Not knowing what he did is the reason why I was looking for a mechanic I'll figure it out I hope.
Sure is sad that Honda quit making that carb.
Will not even support an owner when you give him a VIN and it says 50 state and you're asking for a 49 state diagram
Well I set it up in the garage today tore it apart took one look out of it covered it up it's a mess. Airbox was melted inside from the backfire when it caught fire when I brought it home from the shop.
It shuck the flames up the pair valve melted the pair valve
It's got so many hoses disconnected I have no idea where they go.
Looking for a VTX mechanic independent somewhere Inland Empire California.
The only time my bike was in the shop.
Only 22,000 miles on it.

I completely desmogged it appropriately to the 49th state carburetor.
Completed the pair valve mod fold all the excess hoses and started over.
I hooked up a gravity feed fuel system took it outside the warehouse and it fired up still not running right puking fuel.
But it didn't backfire & catch fire.
With all the other mess the so-called mechanic did my bike I'm sure he didn't rejet or clean or rebuild the carb if he did he didn't do it right.
I set the tank back on with my saddle when it cools off a little bit I'll roll it out of the warehouse and try to fire it with the stock setup and see if it runs that way.
If not I'll pull the carb
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