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2004 VTX 1300 S Carburetor problems

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I'm in the Southern California Inland Empire area Riverside San Bernardino does anybody know a good independent mechanic to work on a carburetor that is no longer available from Honda motorcycles???
It's a 50-state bike California it's sat during the pandemic. I had some fuel problems when things opened up. I thought it was time to rebuild it at 21,000 miles.
Only time it's ever been to the shop or trailered to rebuild the carburetor and rejet it due to my drag pipes and KN filter.
I had to get a replacement carb online it ended up being a 49 state to have it completely rebuilt.
For some reason the thumbscrew outside the air box my adjustment was jammed on the body of my original Carb I don't know why my son had it for a while.
Rebuilt the 49 state rejetted it now it's puking fuel out the breather at the carb and filled my crankcase full of gas. it's been back to the shop 3 times they can't figure it out.
Gas tank was fully cleaned and treated
I found a new carburetor for a 2006 2007 will that work on my 2004 VTX 1300 S?
Honda powersports tech support is useless.
The dealeships have no carb specialist on their floor and just want to charge me a diagnostic fee with no recommendation.
I've had 27 Hondas since 1971 I've never had a problem like this and no support from the factory.


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I'm in Fresno from what I understand they aren't complicated if you have access to a garage I'd do it myself. There are some people on you tube that explain how. I'm too of the opinion that if you don't know your machinic as reputable don't waste your money. Just my .02 cents.

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