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Hi All,

In the process of picking up a 2006 VTX 1300 R6 with about 7k miles. Bike has a problem and not sure what could it be. Due to non-use and ethanol fuel, had problem starting it.
Finally on the third start, noticed blue smoke and oil splatters came out of the exhaust pipes. Just shut it down not knowing what could be the problem.
Any help / guidance / suggestions before taking it to dealership and get ripped off. Heard that it could be a broken piston ring, or valve seats... is that really true.

Have no clue -- therefore looking for some feedback.

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""Due to non-use and ethanol fuel, ""

not possible.

broken piston ring and / or valve seals are due to mistreatment.

14 years and 7,000 miles... = 500 miles per year.

you purchased an abused project bike.
another no mileage VTX.
my opinion. DO NOT Purchase this machine.. "RUN".

many VTX here have over 100,000 miles and no major issues.
my 2005 VTX has 91,000 miles.. not one major issue since New.
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