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2006 VTX 1300 R
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2006 1300 R. Have a ground wire that run directly to the negative side of the battery that melted. Not sure where it came from exactly but I feel almost certain it came from somewhere in relation to the light bar. Turn signals work, but fog lights do not. Tried new bulbs and they didn't work either so I am assuming the ground wire is related.

While searching around for possible information I came across this old thread from 2009:

The old bulbs were either 35W or 55W, and the only replacements I found were 55W. Judging by that old thread I am guessing I have found my problem. Bought the VTX used and the light bar was already on it.

I have only found one 12V 25W bulb in stock and it is an LED.,automotive,88&sr=1-18

Would these work and would it be worth a try? Otherwise I either need to cut the wires to the fog lights completely or take the light bar off and get something else for the turn signals. Lastly, is it safe to ride with the ground wire cut and the lights not working?
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