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2006 Honda VTX1300c
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I had a SignalMinder On my 2005 VTX1300c. It is the SM-3 module. Wiring the thing up went pretty smooth. Now I have a 2006 VTX1300c.I took the SM-3 off the 05 and I wired it up the same way on the 06. The white wire on the accessory harness from the SM-3 goes to the Light Blue wire for the right rear turn signal. Here's the rub, there is no light blue wire. I know what your going to say, Just Move the wires around, it's got to be in there. I agree and have done just that. The only wire left was a greenish gray wire I hooked up to. Blew the fuse, Twice. I have a Service manual that covers 2003 to 2009 VTX's. My focus was on the 2004/2005 and the 2006 wiring diagrams.The 04 and 05 were on the same page but the 06 was on it's own page. I'm thinking they have to be different some how. I've stared at them both and can't find any difference. So, It's back to stock till I figure it out.
Is the wiring some how different between 05 and 06? Also has anyone installed a SignalMinder in a 06 VTX1300?
I Hope some one has the answer, Thanks BUbbkka
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